Darjeeling Lok Sabha Race: A Tale of Intense Competition and Unconventional Antics

Neeraj Zimba and Gopal Lama: Key Players in the Entertaining Battle for Darjeeling

Apr 28, 2024 - 10:28
Darjeeling Lok Sabha Race: A Tale of Intense Competition and Unconventional Antics

Fierce Competition and Amusing Antics Mark Darjeeling Lok Sabha Seat Contest

Darjeeling, India - The race for the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat on Friday was marked by intense competition and a series of amusing incidents that kept voters entertained.

In a video that has since gone viral, Neeraj Zimba, the BJP’s Darjeeling MLA and secretary general of the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF), was seen carrying Darjeeling contender Raju Bista on his back. Zimba, known for his unconventional publicity stunts, including a video of him eating live bees, explained his actions as a response to Bista’s video from Siliguri asking, ‘How is the Josh?’

Zimba stated that he was metaphorically carrying Gorkhaland, another name for the BJP, and that the footage was six months old. He recalled carrying Bista from Matterhorn, his Darjeeling home and workplace, uphill by the Mall Road, where Bista had hurt his ankle.

The video sparked interest among the locals, with critics suggesting that Zimba was carrying Bista to secure an Assembly ticket for himself in 2026.

Adding to the day’s entertainment was Gopal Lama, Zimba’s opponent and the Trinamool Congress candidate for Darjeeling. In a video, Lama, a former administrator and first-time politician, was heard stating that he was supposed to be number one on the EVM list, but since there was an old lady there, he was number two. His statement, misinterpreted by many, ironically earned him gratitude from Congress supporters.

Lama clarified that he had made room for an elderly woman to cast her vote first, and that his statement referred to his position in the voting queue, not on the EVM list.

In a creative response to the model code of conduct, some Darjeeling residents found a way around the vandalism of Congress graffiti by splattering paint on the damaged walls with their hands, leading to speculation about whether the hand impressions were a Congress sign or a work of creative art.

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