Mamata Banerjee Appeals to Minority Voters, Warns Against BJP

West Bengal Chief Minister Urges Voters to Support Trinamool in Upcoming Elections

Apr 29, 2024 - 11:10
Mamata Banerjee Appeals to Minority Voters, Warns Against BJP

Malda, India - Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday urged the minority population of Malda and Murshidabad districts not to vote for the Congress and the Left, warning that it would pave the way for the BJP. Speaking at a public meeting in Sujapur, which comes under Malda Dakshin Lok Sabha seats, Banerjee expressed her concerns about the upcoming elections on May 7.

Banerjee stated, “We have never won any Lok Sabha seats in Malda. This time, you have to give it a serious thought because if you vote Congress and Left in these seats, BJP will win. These two parties are in cahoots with the BJP. If Trinamool doesn’t win the seats and the BJP is voted to power, it will introduce CAA and NRC and will send you to detention camps.”

While Malda has a Muslim population of around 50 per cent, the community constitutes around 70 per cent of the population in Murshidabad seat. The Trinamool leadership, including Banerjee, is nervous about five-six seats in the ongoing elections. This is because the Congress has fielded Muslim candidates in Raiganj and Malda Dakshin while CPM state secretary Mohammad Salim is contesting from the Murshidabad seat.

Banerjee criticized the Congress and the Left for their actions, stating, “They have fielded (Mohammad) Salim in Murshidabad, and another here (in Malda Dakshin) and another in Raiganj. But Congress will not win in Bengal… it will win in other states. We didn’t go to other states to disturb others (political parties). But here, these people are acting as vote-cutters. I would urge you not to vote for these vote-cutters.”

She went on to highlight the work done by the Trinamool Congress for the minority community, stating, “We have always worked for the minority community. We have 13 Rajya Sabha MPs and among them is Mausam Noor from Malda. We have four MPs from the minority community in Rajya Sabha. This proves our intent to work and move together with all communities.”

Banerjee also addressed the Sarna religious code issue, a longstanding demand of the tribal community, during her speech in Habibpur in Malda Uttar seat.

This appeal by Banerjee underscores the high stakes in the upcoming elections and the intense competition between the major political parties.

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