South Bengal’s Monsoon Delayed: Hotter Days Ahead as Arrival Postponed

Calcutta to Face Extended Heatwave; Monsoon Expected to Set in After June 20

Jun 17, 2024 - 11:54
South Bengal’s Monsoon Delayed: Hotter Days Ahead as Arrival Postponed

Monsoon’s Arrival in South Bengal Delayed Beyond June 20

Residents of south Bengal, including Calcutta, will have to endure the hot and humid conditions a bit longer as the monsoon’s arrival is now expected after June 20, according to a recent announcement by a Met official on Sunday.

Previously, the Met office had predicted that the southwest monsoon would reach south Bengal around June 18-19. However, changes in wind patterns have slowed down the process. “The southerly winds are present at the lower level of the atmosphere in south Bengal, but westerly winds are still dominant at the mid-level. The westerly component needs to weaken for the monsoon currents to make their way into south Bengal,” explained the official.

The Met bulletin reinforced this update, stating that while the northern limit of monsoon continues through Islampur (North Dinajpur), conditions are becoming favorable for its further advance into parts of South Bengal and remaining areas of North Bengal within the next 4-5 days.

Heat wave conditions accompanied by hot and humid weather are expected to persist in western districts of south Bengal for the next two days. Districts like Purulia, West Burdwan, and West Midnapore are likely to experience a heat wave on Monday, with similar conditions forecasted for Jhargram, Bankura, and Birbhum.

While scattered rainfall might bring some relief to western Bengal districts in the coming days, Calcutta is anticipated to receive only isolated showers. The city can expect thunderstorms with lightning and gusty winds on Monday and Tuesday, with a slight increase in rainfall spread and intensity from Wednesday.

Calcutta experienced intense heat on Sunday, with a maximum temperature of 36.4 degrees Celsius—above normal but feeling like 45 degrees due to high humidity levels.

This year’s monsoon made an early appearance in north Bengal on May 31, ahead of its usual onset date of June 5. However, south Bengal, which typically sees monsoon arrival by June 10, will have to wait a little longer for respite from the heat.

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