Tragic Encounters with Wildlife in Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri

A Series of Unfortunate Wildlife Incidents Result in Human Casualties and Property Damage

Jun 12, 2024 - 12:25
Tragic Encounters with Wildlife in Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri

ALIPURDUAR - A series of unfortunate incidents involving wildlife have been reported from Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri on Tuesday.

In a tragic incident, a wild elephant trampled a 30-year-old lodge owner to death in Alipurduar. The incident occurred early on Tuesday morning at Uttar Simlabari village, adjacent to Chilapata forest. The elephant emerged from the forest around 4am, damaging a hut at Deodanga of Simlabari before entering a paddy field next to a private lodge.

The lodge owner, Kingshuk Karjee, along with four others, attempted to drive the elephant away. However, the elephant retaliated, chasing them. While others managed to escape, Karjee was caught by the elephant and tragically trampled to death. The elephant subsequently returned to the forest.

Local residents informed the forest department about the incident. “It is an unfortunate incident. Kingshuk died while trying to drive away the elephant from the agricultural field. The department will provide the stipulated compensation of ₹5 lakh to the bereaved family,” said Sudipta Ghosh, the range officer of Chilapata forest range.

In a separate incident, another wild elephant emerged from the Gorumara National Park early on Tuesday morning, damaging six houses in Uttar Dhupjhora area under Matiali block of Jalpaiguri. The elephant, which strayed into the village in search of food around 2am amidst heavy rain, later retreated into the Panjhora forest. The affected families have demanded compensation from the forest department.

In Falakata block of Alipurduar, a 51-year-old farmer, Subal Roy, was injured in a leopard attack. Roy, who resides in Chandnikura village, was working in the field when he spotted a leopard lying on the ground. As he retreated, the leopard attacked him, mauling his back. Locals rushed him to Birpara state general hospital. Foresters have been informed and a cage has been laid in the area to trap the leopard.

In another development, a pangolin was rescued from Demka Jhora, a locality in Malbazar block of Jalpaiguri on Tuesday afternoon. Over the past few days, poultry had been going missing in the village. On Tuesday, locals spotted the pangolin near a pond, caught it, and informed the foresters. The pangolin was later handed over to the foresters of Malbazar wildlife squad.

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