Wild Elephant Wanders into Villages in Jalpaiguri, Injures Elderly Man

Local Residents Chase the Elephant, Forest Officials Monitor Its Movements

Mar 4, 2024 - 12:41
Wild Elephant Wanders into Villages in Jalpaiguri, Injures Elderly Man

On Sunday, a wild elephant wandered into a few villages in Jalpaiguri, hurting an elderly man who had approached the beast too closely and causing hundreds of others to hurry to see it.

According to sources, the elephant arrived in Teshimla on Sunday morning after traveling through an adjacent forest, fording the Mal and Neora rivers, and entering the Bidhannagar panchayat's Salbari-Barmanpara region.

After the old inhabitant Mongru Oraon at Teshimla was injured by an elephant, he was sent to a super-specialty hospital in Malbazar and then to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, which is located outside of Siliguri.

The elephant in Barmanpara began to gallop about and people began to chase after it. The settlement was visited by a team from the Khunia-based wildlife squad.

The elephant arrived to Kalabari-Fikudhura after departing from the settlement. There, it crossed the Kurti River and passed into Paschim Batabari and the Batabari tea plantation as some locals pursued it once again.

It eventually made its way into the Kharia-Bandar forest, where it remains as of late Sunday night. We are monitoring its movements. The range officer of the Chalsa forest area, Prakash Thapa, said, "It appears the elephant got away from the herd in some way."

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