Teen Found with Gun in Schoolbag in South Dinajpur Sparks Concern and Political Firestorm

Class IX student apprehended, authorities investigate source of weapon and potential security lapses

Jan 4, 2024 - 11:12
Teen Found with Gun in Schoolbag in South Dinajpur Sparks Concern and Political Firestorm

On Tuesday afternoon, a Class IX kid in South Dinajpur had a gun found in his schoolbag.

The little youngster was taken into custody by the police, and he appeared before the juvenile justice board on Wednesday.

Plans are on to place him in a juvenile home.

According to sources, the school was distributing books on Tuesday. As the lad gathered the books, his other students saw that he was hiding something as he placed them in the bag. They let the instructors know, and they grabbed the bag and looked through it. A live bullet and a homemade handgun were discovered by the instructors.

After being notified, the police confiscated the gun and the ammunition.

"We are investigating the boy's source of the weapon. A police officer said, "Our investigators are investigating if he brought the gun to the school before.

The parents of other pupils are worried about the situation.

"We are concerned about our kids' security. How is it possible for a little youngster to possess a gun and ammunition? A guardian said, "We will speak with the headmaster to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

The Trinamul Congress and the BJP have traded accusations as a result of the event.

The Balurghat MP, Sukanta Majumdar, said that Trinamul was attempting to incite unrest in the area before to the Lok Sabha elections.

"We believe Trinamul has accumulated illicit weapons and is attempting to employ even small

Majumdar, who is also the state president of the BJP, criticized students for engaging in anti-social activities ahead of the parliamentary elections.

The head of Trinamul's South Dinajpur district, Subhash Chaki, said that the BJP was attempting to sensationalize the situation.

The BJP uses a variety of immoral strategies to incite conflict. The party is rapidly losing its base of support in this area. For this reason, he said, the MP is attempting to garner political capital by sensationalizing a side issue.

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