Joyous Inauguration: Tamojit Chakraborty Assumes Role as First SDO of Dhupguri Subdivision

Locals Celebrate the Fulfillment of Promises with Abir and Candy

Jan 21, 2024 - 14:24
Joyous Inauguration: Tamojit Chakraborty Assumes Role as First SDO of Dhupguri Subdivision

On Saturday, Tamojit Chakraborty, the Jalpaiguri Sadar sub-divisional officer, took office as the first SDO of Dhupguri, a cause for celebration among the locals.

A day after the state released a notice announcing the formation of the new sub-division, Chakraborty, who is based in Jalpaiguri, was assigned the additional responsibility of Dhupguri.

"I am proud to have accepted the position. On Saturday, Chakraborty said, "We will keep working for the development of Dhupguri subdivision."

On Saturday morning, Chakraborty arrived to the BDO office campus and entered the welfare department's office for the backward lessons.

Members of Dhupguri Nagarik Mancha, a citizens' organization that has been fighting for the new subdivision, celebrated the day with abir and candies when word got around.

Additionally, they organized a musical band ensemble and organized a parade that ended at the BDO headquarters. In addition, the athletes gave candy to onlookers.

They welcomed and greeted Chakraborty at the BDO office.

Afterwards, Mahua Gope, the president of the Trinamul district of Jalpaiguri, also arrived to the office.

She also praised the state administration and hailed the new SDO.

"The prime minister has fulfilled her pledge. The residents of the Banarhat and Dhupguri blocks will benefit greatly from the construction of a new subdivision. Additionally, it will speed up the development process. The government is now able to provide additional services to the local population," Gope remarked.

Following his election, the SDO met with the BDO, the block medical officer of health, and the inspector-in-charge of the Dhupguri police station.

"I'll be regularly present in the office." More government offices will eventually operate in the recently established neighborhood, therefore necessary efforts to build additional infrastructure will be done, according to Chakraborty.

Following the state government's announcement on Friday on the new Dhupguri subdivision's administrative jurisdiction, the Trinamul high brass emphasized how it had kept its pledges to the people.

The party's national general secretary and MP, Abhishek Banerjee, the nephew of Trinamul head Mamata Banerjee, said, "Kotha diye kotha rakhar naam ee holo Trinamul (Trinamul is a party that keeps its word)." The subdivision had been promised by Abhishek.

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