Murder of Trinamul Congress Worker Mars Jagaddhatri Puja Immersion Procession

Political Tensions Flare in Cooch Behar Following Fatal Clash

Nov 28, 2023 - 11:57
Murder of Trinamul Congress Worker Mars Jagaddhatri Puja Immersion Procession

Murder of a Trinamul Congress Employee in Cooch Behar During an Altercation in the Immersion Procession of Jagaddhatri Puja

Behar Cooch: A terrible occurrence occurred on Sunday night in Cooch Behar when an active member of the Trinamul Congress was killed in a confrontation between two groups during the Jagaddhatri Puja immersion procession. After 45-year-old Anup Dakua was killed in the altercation, police moved quickly to arrest six people, including a well-known BJP official.

The conflict started at the district's Mechkoka under Boxirhat police station. The district police head, Dyutiman Bhattacharya, said that a number of people who were drunk during the parade were engaged in the altercation. The throng was dispersed by prompt police involvement, but not before injuries were reported. Anup Dakua was the tragic victim of the tragedy as he passed away from his injuries.

The Trinamul Congress has claimed that the assault was spearheaded by BJP booth panel leader Pabitra Barman. The chairman of the Trinamul district in Cooch Behar, Avijit De Bhowmik, said that Dakua was assaulted without reason and identified the attackers as BJP leader's followers.

There was an increase in tension in the neighborhood after Dakua's death was announced. Traffic on the Boxirhat-Barokodali Road was disrupted by an angry group of Trinamul workers who set up a road barricade near Langolgram More. After top party officials and police personnel intervened to defuse the tension, the barrier was ultimately lifted.

Following the event, there was a depressing mood in the area as people were afraid that Trinamul and BJP supporters could fight. Shops and markets were shuttered. The local BJP member for Malati Rava Roy offered his sympathies for the sad event and chastised Trinamul for 'politicizing' it.

Six people have been arrested and a murder case has been filed by the police. Security has been increased in the region due to the unstable situation; police officers have been stationed there, and senior officials have been leading route marches to keep the peace and stop tensions from rising. The episode is a sobering reminder of the difficulties in preserving safety and tranquility during political rallies and religious processions.

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