Tribal Youth Shot Dead by Masked Assailants in North Dinajpur

22-year-old Jeda Soren was killed in a targeted attack near his home in Dalkhola

Nov 16, 2023 - 12:59
Tribal Youth Shot Dead by Masked Assailants in North Dinajpur

Tuesday night, a tribal youngster was shot close to his house in Dalkhola, in the North Dinajpur district, by what seemed to be masked assailants.

Jeda Soren, a 22-year-old inhabitant of Jairampur, which is around 45 miles from Raiganj town, was recognized by the police as the dead.

"The adolescent was at home last night (Tuesday) when a few thugs arrived at the location wearing masks over their faces. According to a police source, they shot him in the chest after calling him out of his house and quickly left the scene.

Soren was pronounced dead at the Raiganj Government Medical College and Hospital after locals hurried him there.

The deceased was a laborer by trade. According to accounts, he had no political party affiliation.

The goal of the police investigation is to identify the thugs and determine the reason for the murder.

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